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Curriculum & Methodology

Key Nursery at Horsh Tabet follows the time-tested approach, the KEY System®, which provides children with an early childhood education that is project based, child-centric and trilingual - English, French and Arabic. It has been carefully put together by our team of education experts who understand that the first several years of a child’s life are critical to their long-term development.

This system draws on international best practices in early childhood education and delivers a comprehensive program that allows children to become active participants in their own development, opening the way toward optimal growth and learning. It also enables children to develop critical life skills and become well-rounded individuals who have the ability to face the challenges and journey of life.

The KEY System® is a project based, trilingual, child-centric curriculum that is based on children’s needs, academic curiosity, and socio-cultural concerns. Because language is an important development catalyst we offer instruction in English, French, and Arabic. Not only does it support children’s cognitive development, but it helps prepare them to engage with today’s diverse world, and ensure they have a greater advantage to pursue a more outstanding educational path and achieve balance in their lives and careers.
Our curricula focuses on five key areas: cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical development. Cognitive development involves language development, pre-literacy skills, pre-math skills, and pre-science skills. Linguistic development involves pre-writing and pre-reading.

Social development involves hygiene, interpersonal skills, autonomy, and world discovery. Emotional development involves art such as music and crafts. Physical development involves fine motor skills and gross motor skills. By providing instruction tailored to building these five areas, children leave KEY Nursery with critical early skills and competencies.

At KEY Nursery, the curricula is delivered by having children with varying abilities and interests work together in small groups on open-ended, short and long-term projects that aim to provoke children’s creative thinking and problem-solving abilities and allow different possibilities of exploration, enabling children to develop skills in a variety of areas.


To ensure children receive the best instruction possible, and are among peers who are at their same level, we offer six class levels to fit all age groups. These classes cater to children ranging from as young as two months of age to as old 5 years and 11 months. Each class level has a carefully selected curriculum specific to its age group, which is tailored to the needs of the children. 

To determine a child's class level, we use their age as of September of the current academic year

Program Overview

Key Nursery at Horsh Tabet is part of the KEY Nursery Network. Like all nurseries in the network, our nursery strives to provide children with an early childhood education that is child-centric and trilingual—consisting of full immersion in English, French, and Arabic.

Because every child’s education and well-being is our utmost concern, we make sure that all our children are not only well-educated through the best practices available, but also happy, nurtured, and appreciated so they leave our nursery positioned to be successful both in their education and life journey.

Additional Needs

The staff at KEY Nursery made sure there were resources in place to cater to our daughter's specific needs. We are truly amazed and impressed by the nursery's work and their expertise in special needs children.
Helene T.
At KEY Nursery we believe that all children, with or without additional needs, should have a positive educational experience and opportunity to develop their skills and abilities among their peers. We also believe that children without additional-needs benefit from a diverse range of peers and helps ensure they grow up with an open mind and heart.

As such, our nursery aims to provide an inclusive nursery environment where every child is welcomed. In that respect, we welcome additional-needs children and offer them equal opportunities to experience our unique curriculum and learning environment.
We encourage parents of additional-needs children to reach out to the nursery and set up a meeting to discuss their child’s specific needs so we can discuss any resources required and ultimately ensure their child’s progression at the nursery.
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